About Albert Lu

Albert Lu is a professional speaker, event host, and live event producer known for his sharp wit and unassuming style. He is also an emcee and panel moderator whose quiet force adds clarity and strength to every program. An intriguing presenter and communicator, Albert delivers memorable talks that always leave audiences laughing and thinking. He engages them with his nimble mind and improvised humor, never failing to highlight key points and delight his listeners.

With years of experience in hosting, event production, and videography, Albert is a virtual conference virtuoso who knows how to maximize audience connection. He produces events, large and small, and responds to their unique challenges with fresh and agile solutions, always designed with the client in mind.

Albert Lu is the founder of Luma Advisors and the former head of Sprott U.S. Media, Inc.

Contact Albert Lu

Email: info@albertklu.com

Phone: 858.367.9107