2022 Uranium Bootcamp

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March 19, 2022

Hosts: Rick Rule, Albert Lu, Remy Blaire

Speakers: Peter Grosskopf, Per Jandeer, Mandeep Ludu, Ross McElroy, John Borshoff, Travis McPherson, John Ciampaglia, Spencer Abraham, Amir Adnani, Scott Melbye, Duncan Craib, Grant Isaac, Justin Huhn, Lobo Tiggre, Askar Batyrbayev, Paul Ma

Sponsors: Sprott Inc., WMC Energy, Boss Energy Ltd., Deep Yellow Limited, Fission Uranium Corp, NexGen Energy Ltd., Uranium Royalty Corp, Uranium Energy Corp, Cameco, CGN Mining Company Limited, Kazatomprom National Atomic Company

Media Partner: Kitco Media


Please note: Some presentations span two videos. Scroll down and press play to continue presentation.

08:10AM08:30AM PDT Welcome Message: Rick Rule & Peter Grosskopf

08:30AM–08:50AM PDT Expo Hall Time

08:50AM–09:50AM PDT Keynote Speakers: Per Jander, WMC Energy, Director, Nuclear, Renewables and Battery Materials and Mandeep Ludu, Head of Nuclear and Renewables A New World for Uranium – WMC Energy Overview of Uranium

09:50AM–10:10AM PDT Rick Rule Follow Up to the WMC Energy Discussion

10:10AM–10:25AM PDT Interview: Ross McElroy, President, CEO & Chief Geologist, Fission Uranium

10:25AM–10:40AM PDT Interview: John Borshoff, Managing Director & CEO, Deep Yellow Limited

10:40AM–11:05AM PDT Panel: Fission Uranium, Deep Yellow and NexGen Energy with Rick Rule

11:05AM–11:20AM PDT Interview: Travis McPherson, Senior VP, NexGen Energy Ltd.

11:20AM–11:50AM PDT Keynote Speaker: John Ciampaglia, CEO, Sprott Asset Management

11:50AM–12:10PM PDT Keynote Speaker: Spencer Abraham, Chairman, Uranium Energy Corp and Former United States Secretary of Energy

12:10PM–12:25PM PDT Interview: Amir Adnani, President, CEO & Director, Uranium Energy Corp.

12:25PM–12:40PM PDT Interview: Scott Melbye, President, CEO & Director, Uranium Royalty Corp.

12:40PM–01:05PM PDT Sponsor Panel: Boss Energy, Uranium Energy, Uranium Royalty and Rick Rule

01:05PM–01:20PM PDT Interview: Duncan Craib, CEO, Boss Energy Ltd.

01:20PM–02:00PM PDT Expo Hall Time

02:00PM–02:20PM PDT Keynote Speaker – Grant Isaac, CFO, Cameco

02:20PM–02:45PM PDT Pundit Panel – Justin Huhn, Lobbo Tiggre

02:45PM–03:05PM PDT Guest Speaker: Askar Batyrbayev, CCO, Kazatomprom

03:05PM–03:25PM PDT Guest Speaker: Paul Ma, Director, Capital Operation Department, CGN Mining Company Limited

03:25PM–03:50PM PDT Q&A with Rick Rule

03:50PM–04:00PM PDT Rick Rule, Closing Remarks